About 4B0

Welcome to South Albany AirportSouth Albany Airport (4B0) is one of the oldest Privately Owned Public Use Airports in New York State. It was registered with the FAA in 1946. The property which was originally farm land had a small grass air strip the owner installed.

Since that time the airport has grown and improved significantly. A paved 60′ x 2860′ runway and parallel taxiway was installed. There are 31 aircraft hangars and 12 tie-downs. The airport has 42 based fixed wing aircraft and an air ambulance helicopter service LifeNet, also based at the facility. South Albany Airport provides 24hr. self serve 100LL Avgas and Jet-A fuel.

The airport is utilized by many local businesses within the area being our facility is the nearest airport to Albany. The airport is utilized by the Army National Guard and the New York State Police Aviation Unit for practicing and honing their necessary skills. The Rensselaer Poly-technic Institute (RPI) flying club holds a student/family event at the airport and the airport also sponsors their RC club for flight testing of their aircraft prior to the national competitions each year.