• Photo of LifeNet Helicopter


Due to new FAA penetration requirements NO NIGHT TIME INSTRUMENT APPROACHES are allowed on Runways 1 and 19. There is a NOTAM in effect.

New Pilot Controlled Lighting in Effect:

stinson2Because of the unintentional activation of runway lights using 3 clicks, pilot controlled lighting is activated by 5 clicks within 5 seconds ONLY!

As in the past, runway lights are activated on 122.9 (same as our comm. freq.) they will stay on for 15 minutes, then flash for 1 minute to inform the pilot they are about to de-activate. During that time 5 clicks will reactivate them for another 15 minutes. Please pass this along to other pilots!



Runway Info:

Runway 1/19:

  • Dimensions: 2853 x 60 ft. / 870 x 18 m
  • Surface: asphalt, in good condition
  • Runway edge lights: low intensity
  • Traffic Pattern: left


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