• Photo of LifeNet Helicopter


The Cub Doctor“The Cub Doctor”
Clyde Smith, Jr. Is Coming To
South Albany Airport
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
October 30 thru November 1, 2015



A three day seminar on restoring and maintaining Piper Cubs. This is a very detailed and informative class for anyone interested
in the fabric type fleet of Piper aircraft.


Tell your friends too!!!
Check out the Cub Doctors website at http://www.cubdoctor.com


IMPORTANT Notice To All Pilots:

Effectively immediately there will be no 100 LL fuel available until August 2015. This is due to our construction projects that will include new fuel tanks, along with 10 new concrete tied downs and other paving work. Jet A fuel will still be available.

Due to new FAA penetration requirements NO NIGHT TIME INSTRUMENT APPROACHES are allowed on Runways 1 and 19. There is a NOTAM in effect.

New Pilot Controlled Lighting in Effect:

stinson2Because of the unintentional activation of runway lights using 3 clicks, pilot controlled lighting is activated by 5 clicks ONLY!

As in the past, runway lights are activated on 122.9 (same as our comm. freq.) they will stay on for 15 minutes, then flash for 1 minute to inform the pilot they are about to de-activate. During that time 5 clicks will reactivate them for another 15 minutes. Please pass this along to other pilots!



Runway Info:

Runway 1/19:

  • Dimensions: 2853 x 60 ft. / 870 x 18 m
  • Surface: asphalt, in good condition
  • Runway edge lights: low intensity
  • Traffic Pattern: left

Runway 1: Obstructions: 12 ft. tree, 215 ft. from runway, 100 ft. left of centerline

Runway 19: Obstructions: 14 ft. road, 201 ft. from runway, 112 ft. right of centerline

More Runway Info…